Radley Cycle-Footway Oxfordshire

Delivering an Oxfordshire cycleway to encourage active travel

As part of Pye Homes’ development of 240 low carbon homes in north-west Radley, Oxfordshire, they have a planning obligation under S106 to provide extensive S278 and S38 infrastructure works.   

In addition to significant road and junction improvements, they’re providing 3.5km of new and enhanced footway/cycleways. These paths which link Abingdon and Kennington will be of significant benefit to residents and support Oxfordshire County Council’s objectives to promote active travel.  

The off-site cycleway will largely be delivered within the existing public highways and includes Zebra and Tiger Crossings to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists.

Our Role

Our Civil Engineering team provided planning, design and construction management support from developing the outline proposals through to providing support on site. Our team worked closely with the County Council throughout the design stage to secure S278 and S38 technical approval. 

In addition to the off-site highway works, our team designed the on-site foul and surface water drainage. This includes an adoptable foul pumping station and extensive sustainable drainage systems, including soakage ponds and attenuation basins to manage surface run-off.  We undertook a detailed ‘levels design’ and ‘cut and fill’ analysis to achieve a balanced earthworks solution. 

As part of a multidisciplinary delivery team, we also provided Architectural, Structural Engineering and Geo-Environmental support  

Added Value

The new off-site cycle route is mostly located within the existing public highways. This required our Engineers to use their extensive highway engineering experience and ingenuity to develop a scheme that was safe, practical, and compliant with National Standards (Cycle Infrastructure Design – LTN 1/20).  

They also needed to ensure that the cycleways worked within the existing highway constraints whilst avoiding third party land and minimising the impact on existing service and drainage infrastructure. 

  • 3.5KM


  • 240

    New Homes

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