Rolls-Royce, Project Plateau Derby

Since 1915, the Rolls-Royce Derby campus has been the testing ground for aero engines for military transport and patrol aircraft, as well as the nuclear power plant for the Royal Navy’s submarine fleet.

Project Plateau will deliver a new 13,700sqm experimental engineering building for Rolls-Royce at its Derby campus. The building will bring together various in-house engineering communities which are currently dispersed throughout the existing site. Rolls-Royce is transforming and modernising the campus through delivery of their 2030 masterplan, including Plateau, a world class experimental engineering centre. Plateau will enable Rolls-Royce to further its claim as manufacturer of the world’s most powerful and efficient aero engines utilising pioneering cleaner and lower carbon technologies.

Ridge was responsible for developing the master programme; risk and issue management structure; stakeholder management plan, and for leading a Ridge fully multidiscipline design team from RIBA Stage 1. Development of the master programme and stakeholder management plan was key to delivering the design development within challenging timescales. The design was developed to respond to a complex engineering process flow.

During the design process a change to the design brief was introduced to the project, requiring a floor area reduction of approximately 20%. Having undertaken a series of process and design workshops with key stakeholders to identify process, space and cost options, Ridge was able to deliver an updated design aligned with the revised brief whilst maintaining the programme for delivery. A critical success factor was a clear understanding of the operations the new building will facilitate, enabled by regular Ridge presence on site with the client team proactivity in engaging stakeholders.

  • 13,700sqm

    Floor area

  • Aero Engines

    Defence sector

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