Rolls-Royce Derby

Ridge is providing full multidiscipline services including design, project management and cost consultancy services for the new transformative multipurpose facility at the heart of the world renowned Rolls-Royce campus in Derby.

Rolls-Royce has developed a new masterplan for this historic site to help it compete in the world of aerospace, defence and marine. This facility will house:

  • Materials research
  • Research engineering
  • Design offices
  • 200 seater auditorium
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Café
  • Library

Ridge is now developing the design of individual facilities from the masterplan. Using a multidiscipline design and cost team, Ridge has developed the plans for a number of projects across the site. Each building has been designed to service a specific process and business department, which has resulted in a varied portfolio of design solutions. Ridge manages this variation by ensuring that each facility is developed in accordance with the masterplan agreements, to produce a final campus solution that is in line with the original business requirements.


  • Landmark


  • 1000


  • 200

    Seat auditorium

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