UKAEA RACE Building Extension Oxfordshire

Ridge are providing multidiscipline services to UKAEA in the construction of a 3-storey extension to their RACE Building in Culham, Oxfordshire.

The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) has identified a need to expand their existing RACE Centre for Remote Applications in Challenging Conditions. Due to steady growth since its opening in 2016, the existing RACE Building requires additional office space across three floors.

The project brief placed significance on improving the experience of arrival at the building, and making it feel more approachable and transparent.

Ridge has worked closely with the stakeholder team at RACE to identify the project’s success criteria and specific requirements. Ridge went through an iterative and collaborative design process to reach the final developed design. Careful attention was given to provide a modern office space with the required balance of desk space, meeting rooms and quiet pods, to cater for various working methods.

The proposed aesthetic has been developed to provide an enhanced frontage to the building from the main approach, whilst offering a more transparent feel when compared with the existing warehouse element. A careful palette of materials has been used, which pick up on the quality of the existing entrance area. The composition has sought not to dominate or change the prominence that the entrance holds, but sit alongside and create a much-improved aesthetic.

  • £2.7 million

    Project value

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