Winchester College Winchester

Inspection, reporting and data collection for the college’s boarding houses and residential properties, along with a 25-year forward maintenance plan.

Winchester College’s property portfolio includes eight boarding houses and over 100 residences dating back to 1400. These require regular inspection and repair.

The college manages its large residential portfolio through a system of regular surveys and cyclical maintenance, as well as refurbishment projects. Critical to this process is accurate intelligence on the condition of the estate, presented in a logical and useful format.

Ridge undertook detailed condition surveys of individual boarding facilities located within the main college campus, together with the private residences located on the streets that adjoin the campus.

The college has a rich heritage with historic buildings dating from the founding of the college in 1382 through to the present day. Each property is unique, requiring different approaches and presenting different challenges for repair and refurbishment.

A format for inspection, reporting and data collection was agreed with the College Works Team at the start of the project. This identified the core requirements and set the standard for future reporting in order that it could be integrated into the college’s masterplan for the ongoing management of its accommodation and overall estate.

A forward maintenance plan extending for 25 years was developed, with a schedule outlining all the required refurbishment and maintenance projects.

  • 1382

    College Founded

  • 8 boarding houses

    For 700 pupils

  • 120

    Houses owned and maintained by the college for their staff

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