Zhejiang Circuit Bund 22 Sales & Marketing Hub China

Ridge provided bespoke interior design and design management services on this high-end office development

The client, Zhejiang Circuit, required a branded office and marketing suite, to be based in central Shanghai, in order to promote sales of club membership and provide corporate space.

The core brief was to create a multifunctional corporate space in which to cater and entertain prospective members, and chair meetings. Also key was an ability to facilitate sales in both a softer lounge environment, as well as offering conference spaces and accommodate working staff; the design responds to the strong client brand and project identity.

Ridge worked closely alongside the client to tailor unique and striking design responses to the brief, utilising industrial style throughout to complement the warehouse setting of the office. The existing space presented a blank canvas and an obvious opportunity to introduce a minimal contemporary design style and materials, in order to create a strong visual contrast between ‘old’ and ‘new’.

A high gloss white floor was chosen to balance the strong structural elements of the original warehouse. The reflectance qualities enhance the natural daylight and provide a modern aesthetic, which visually reinforces the corporate identity.

A conscious effort was made to retain and expose the steelwork and the raw, redundant concrete floor buttresses to reinforce the warehouse aesthetic and create a historical visual reference.

The main floor plate was kept uninterrupted or fixed furniture to ensure flexibility in terms of desk layout and future changes of use.

  • £300,000

    Project value

  • 200sqm

    Office and marketing suite

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