Digital Facilities Management

Why use Digital Facilities Management:

  • Making BIM useful for operations and maintenance.
  • Digital planned and reactive maintenance.
  • A single source of truth for building information and documentation.
  • Manage asbestos and risk data intelligently.


Our digital FM Services allow clients to get the most out of a Digital Handover and make the data and geometry they receive work hard for them, to provide value through efficiency and ensuring their building is safe to operate and maintain.

Benefits of Digital Facilities Management:

  • Use the digital model to highlight where active planned or reactive works are within the building.
  • Locate 360 photographs within the model or on drawings.
  • Ensure you are supplied the right data through the BIM process to manage the building elements that are important to your business.
  • Digitising existing facilities using laser scanning and drone technology.
  • Manage and link certificates and test sheets to components helping ensure compliance.