Digital Firestop Reviews

Digital Fire Compliance Reviews:

  • Demonstrate compliance of fire stops in models.
  • Reduce risk for clients, consultants and contractors.
  • Ridge have an Award Winning “Golden Thread” aligned process.


Our award-winning digital approach to demonstrating firestop compliance significantly reduces risk for the end client, consultants and contractors alike.

We combine out Design and Information Management knowledge with advancements to our bespoke BIM Coordination ruleset to automate checking of MEP service spacings.

  • Alignment with firestop test data from market leaders Rockwool.
  • Ability to evidence compliance with building regulations Approved Document B.
  • Bespoke BIM components and processes to aid the identification of builders-work opening and firestops.
  • Itemised outputs to control works by multiple sub-contractors through construction.
  • A clear methodology for meeting the requirements of “The Golden Thread”