Policies and Statements

Ridge is committed to operating as a responsible business.

We act with integrity in everything we do and uphold the highest standards of corporate behaviour including:

  • respecting our people, our communities and our supply chain;
  • our commitment to equality at work and to mainstreaming diversity and inclusion in all our activities;
  • making safety and protecting the environment priorities;

Covid-19 Statement

The health and safety of our team is at the forefront of everything we do and in these unprecedented times, we continue to follow all Government guidance.

We can confirm we are complying with all Government guidance on managing the risk of Covid-19; we have complied with the implementation of Covid-19 prevention controls and continue to provide our best support to staff and visitors safety and welfare. We would be happy to share our plans upon request.


Carbon Management Plan – PPN 0621 300921

Ridge is currently undertaking a 360Sustainability review of our operations to determine our carbon usage. Ridge are using the 360Sustainability review to determine our carbon usage across scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. We are using this data to develop a carbon reduction plan with target dates to be set with regards to carbon neutrality.

The Ridge 360 sustainability process provides a bespoke framework, which puts carbon reduction at the forefront of our ambitions across a range of sustainability measures, including Materials, Resources and Waste; Biodiversity; Wellbeing; Community; Transport. The key benefit is to deliver a holistic sustainability led solution, rather than delivering sustainability requirements on a single aspect basis. This process ensures that Ridge ambitions are delivered, and outcomes are robust and reported.

We have undertaken a full audit of all our carbon emissions across the business, to cover scope 1 and 2 and a selected number of scope 3 emissions which are relevant to our business operations. With this data, we can set out a pathway to carbon neutrality through effective communication across the business to ensure that we are making the most of our opportunities to reduce our carbon emissions. To see our Carbon Reduction Plan, please see the link below:

Carbon Reduction Plan 2023 – PPN 0621 300921