Ridge experts provide strategic property advice to our clients for major developments and multi-stakeholder led regeneration projects. Delivering a comprehensive service, we bridge gaps between stakeholders’ interests and offer pre-planning, master planning and viability consultancy.

Our full spectrum of multidiscipline Design and Project Management services ensures successful development appraisals, meeting cashflow and stakeholder requirements.

We have experience in developer-led projects as well as innovative joint venture and public-private partnership regeneration initiatives. Our teams have successfully delivered both brownfield regeneration and greenfield mixed-use developments, providing solutions to complex and often inter-related contamination, infrastructure and sustainability challenges.

In addition to our multidiscipline expertise, our professionally qualified and experienced team also offers a wide range of management consultancy services, including:

  • Sustainability
  • Pre-planning and viability
  • Master planning and urban design
  • Infrastructure and utilities
  • Site options and constraints appraisals
  • Transport strategy
  • Town and Country Planning
  • Phasing and programming
  • Development / regeneration management
  • Partnership structures and stakeholder engagement
  • Programme and project management, including multi-party coordination
  • Treasury Green Book appraisals and outline / full business cases

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“Re-imagining and re-purposing of the built environment is the challenge - and opportunity - before us, to create sustainable and lifestyle appropriate communities. We are ideally placed to assist clients meet this challenge and deliver high-quality and innovative regeneration solutions."
David Johnson