Housing Asset Management

Robust and up-to-date asset data is critical to effective Housing Asset Management.

Our specialist teams provide a wealth of insightful data for use in planning works, appraising the performance of housing portfolios and helping maximise asset performance. In addition to our technical capability, our team includes members of the Chartered Institute of Housing, which gives us an industry-leading understanding of the sector and puts us at the forefront of current thinking. This has led us to an active role as contributors to government policy and advisors on industry guidelines.

Hand-in-hand with our multidiscipline services, we offer a comprehensive range of Asset Management expertise:

  • Stock condition surveys
  • Fire risk assessments, compartmentation surveys and fire door surveys
  • Energy performance and certificates
  • PAS2035 retrofit coordinator, design and assessment services
  • Specialist inspections (using aerial images, thermal imaging and Geo-Spatial services)
  • Data validation and due diligence
  • Building Safety Management support including digital Building Safety Case preparation support and undertaking the necessary surveys
  • Compliance performance
  • Structural risk assessments (high-rise and non-traditionally constructed properties)
  • Engineering appraisals (Large Panel System LPS construction)
  • Engineering assessments (complex mechanical and electrical installations)
  • Surveys of related property (garages and non-core commercial assets)
  • Asset Management databases
  • Data management
  • Defect diagnosis including damp and mould surveys


Once the relevant data is gathered, we help our clients use this information to manage their assets effectively.
Our advisory services include:

  • Understanding performance and benchmarking
  • Strategy development
  • Business planning
  • Delivery plans and work programmes
  • Drafting policies, procedures, specifications and standards
  • Property appraisals
  • Creating frameworks for decision making
  • Overseeing effective governance and risk mitigation
  • Reviewing value for money
  • Options appraisals and proposals for underperforming assets
  • Repairs and maintenance programmes
  • Devising procurement strategies
  • Facilitating contracts and relationships that deliver good value


Complementing expertise in Asset Management, our experienced professionals offer a wide range of Management Consultancy services: