Digital Engineering (BIM)

Ridge offers bespoke consultancy services that are underpinned by contemporary aspects of multidiscipline project delivery including digital engineering (DE).

Our DE services consist of the following key areas of expertise including:

  • Information management
  • BIM coordination
  • Fire compliance reviews
  • 4D programme simulations
  • Digital CDM reviews


These encompass a variety of processes and technologies, each ratified by our British Standard certified BIM Management systems. This shows that our approach is aligned with the requirements of industry standards (BSI ISO 19650: 2018), with third party validation of our approach providing further client reassurance. 

Ridge offers additional expertise areas, which are integral to our digitally engineered approach to project delivery and consultancy;

  • Laser Scanning – to capture accurately existing or as built asset information (FARO)
  • Asset Tagging – to optimise the performance of operational data deliverables produced by BIM, the tags provide a direct link between physical assets and the digital data required to maintain them
  • 5D Cost Reporting – to facilitate “live” cost updates as the design develops through project stages (Cost-X)
  • Virtual Reality – to engage stakeholders by providing an immersive 3D environment which can be interrogated as part of client approval processes (Enscape).



Key Contacts

Why Ridge Digital Engineering?


The Ridge Digital Engineering team provide a responsive and adaptable consultancy service to our developments, through changing landscapes and to meet challenging timeframes. We have confidence in their ability to reduce risk and add value to our largest projects by combining strong technical knowledge with advanced digital skillsets
Senior Design Manager, Ballymore