Mortimer to Burghfield Cycleway Reading

Stratfield Mortimer Parish Council has had a long-standing ambition to provide a footway or cycleway between Mortimer Common and Burghfield Common. As there is no longer a school bus, local pupils now urgently need this facility to travel safely to school on foot or by bicycle.  

The project will complement West Berkshire Council’s wider initiative to promote cycling and walking as part of their Active Travel campaign. It is being partly funded through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIF).  

Our Role 

Our Civil Engineering Team has provided design and project management support through to planning. We carried out an options assessment which considered the merits and constraints of three routes, taking into account trees, topography, and third-party/ common land. 

Within the pre-application stage we consulted West Berkshire Council’s Highways and Planning Department. Our wider stakeholder engagement involved the landowners whose land the routes crossed.  

Our team commissioned and coordinated topographical, arboricultural and ecological surveys to inform the design and planning process. 

Added Value  

Our knowledge of the design and planning process was instrumental in establishing the most suitable route option, remaining sensitive to the site constraints. 

As the route will be largely in a wooded area, we carefully considered the proposed alignment and surfacing. This included the use of hogging material and ‘no-dig’ construction to minimise the impact on trees. 

We kept the number of proposed road crossings to a minimum to provide a safe and practical route and to appeal to as many users as possible, particularly the pupils travelling to and from school. 

Image shows an example of the type of facility that is proposed through the wooded area.

  • 1.5KM


  • £400k

    Project Estimate

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