Geospatial Services

We provide state-of-the-art laser scanning and measuring data services to the public and private sectors.

This allows us to present a range of existing building and site information at the start of every project and establish an accurate level of base data. Ridge uses the latest in surveying technology for 3D Laser Scan surveys and Topographical outputs.

We can record building and site information in a fraction of the time, enabling a slick and unobtrusive survey process. This technology not only increases efficiency, it also ensures a level of accuracy unachievable through traditional hand-drawn survey methods.

Data retention allows the ability to reconnect with survey information whilst the project progresses, removing the need to revisit the site, while ‘street view’ style viewing platforms can also be offered to the wider project team maximising the efficiency of the project.

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Comprehensive service stream and very professional.
James Axford
Oxford City Council