Sustainability and ESG

We recognise that sustainability is a priority for our clients across all sectors from governance and reporting requirements through to programme and project delivery.

At Ridge, we have a detailed understanding of the evolving landscape around Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and sustainability, political commitments, social and ecological value. We are fully aware of the growing emphasis on climate change and resiliency, the need for scenario planning and funder requirements and the potential impacts on project viability.

Sustainability is central to our philosophy and has been an integral part of the Ridge story from the very beginning. Through our ‘360Sustainability’ approach, we work with clients to develop sustainability/ ESG strategies, focusing on the drivers relevant to the sector and transposing into design and operational activities. 

Strategy must be underpinned by robust technical expertise. Within our multidiscipline practice, Ridge employ CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants, specialists in low carbon solutions and life cycle assessments and compliance requirements. We also have in house assessors providing certification against BREEAM, SKA and WELL.

Examples of our services include:

  • Energy and sustainability strategy reports including passive design analysis
  • Low and zero carbon technology reports
  • Thermal analysis and overheating studies
  • Life cycle assessment of the embodied carbon impacts of a scheme considering the main building elements such as superstructure, sub structure, hard landscaping and building services
  • Daylighting studies Travel Plans and Travel Plan Co-Ordinator services


Fundamentally, we align strategic sustainability thinking with in-house design, technical expertise and cost management ensuring that our clients achieve outcomes which are ambitious, pragmatic, appropriate and deliverable.

Ridge is currently undertaking a 360Sustainability review of our operations to determine our carbon usage. Ridge are using the 360Sustainability review to determine our carbon usage across scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. We are using this data to develop a carbon reduction plan with target dates to be set with regards to carbon neutrality.

The Ridge 360 sustainability process provides a bespoke framework, which puts carbon reduction at the forefront of our ambitions across a range of sustainability measures, including Materials, Resources and Waste; Biodiversity; Wellbeing; Community; Transport. The key benefit is to deliver a holistic sustainability led solution, rather than delivering sustainability requirements on a single aspect basis. This process ensures that Ridge ambitions are delivered, and outcomes are robust and reported.

We have undertaken a full audit of all our carbon emissions across the business, to cover scope 1 and 2 and a selected number of scope 3 emissions which are relevant to our business operations. With this data, we can set out a pathway to carbon neutrality through effective communication across the business to ensure that we are making the most of our opportunities to reduce our carbon emissions. To see our Carbon Reduction Plan, please see the link below:

Carbon Reduction Plan 2023 – PPN 0621 300921

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Achieving Net Zero Ambitions

UK battery technology scale-up, Britishvolt, is on track to deliver the country’s first gigaplant, a £2.6bln investment. We have provided full lead consultancy and multidisciplinary design. Our knowledge and experience will assist Britishvolt in delivering their Environmental, Social and Governance mandate that will help set the UK firmly on track to meet net-zero ambitions.
Nick Hayes
Sustainability Partner