Modular Construction in Housing

18 July 2022

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) have been used in the residential sector for many years, however, it is only in recent years that the use of Modular Construction is being rolled out on multi housing developments and Ridge is well placed with its wealth of experience in the modular sector to support you on this journey.

One of the key drivers towards the use of Modular Construction is the desire to achieve net zero carbon by 2030, as developers and affordable housing providers move towards a more sustainable future. Not only does Modular Construction help deliver houses that are more energy and thermally efficient, this method of construction also produces houses that are more environmentally friendly to build, as they are less dependent on carbon hungry materials. Modular construction allows buildings to be manufactured not only to the highest quality standards, being in a controlled environment, but also enables the modules to be erected speedily on site limiting the risks that more traditional forms of construction pose.

As a muti-disciplinary consultancy, Ridge is able to support clients with their modular housing projects, whether this is at the initial stages with town & country planning, highways consultancy, or flood risk advice, or the design development and construction process with civil (Highways and drainage) and structural engineering support and through undertaking the contract administration and cost management roles.

We can also offer a comprehensive sustainability consultancy service that includes Whole Life Carbon Assessments too to help drive the aspiration of achieving net zero. As well as working on larger 100+ modular developments Ridge also has experience of delivering smaller modular developments for local authorities and social housing providers. These developments typically consist of ‘garage sites’ or small parcels of neglected land in residential areas. And it is the Ridge experience of these smaller, more delicate locations that have taught us the most about Modular Construction.

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Civil Associate Engineer
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