Manchester City Football Academy Manchester

Development of 80+ acres of land for use by Manchester City Football Academy to use as their Training Academy and Corporate Headquarters.

The scheme involved the constraints removal, remediation, and infrastructure provision for the land. Ridge was responsible for ensuring that the remediation works were scoped, designed, procured and executed such that a seamless coordinated interface existed with the ongoing design development of the Training Academy, which eliminated all risk to the scheme.        

The previous usage of the sites was heavy industrial, including paint manufacturing, aniline works, metal processing and tanneries. Consequently, the land was heavily contaminated. In addition, there were significant concrete obstructions in the form of aniline baths (over 100m long x 25m wide x 5m deep) and deep mine works located in parts of the sites, some of which were unchartered.

  • £130 million

    Project value

  • 80+

    Acre grounds

  • LEED Platinum

    Award winning

Ridge managed the interface between the design, phasing and development programme of the Training Academy project with the Constraints Removal Project. This involved challenging all facets of its delivery to ensure that it correctly achieved the requirement for the works.

The Training Academy Project included 17 FIFA standard football pitches, deep basement construction buildings, deep attenuation and water storage tanks, and significant tree planting around the site perimeter. This made it essential that the remediation and constraints removal works undertaken were 100% successful so the land could accommodate its specific intended use.

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