Tilbrook F1 Red Bull Team Headquarters – Traffic and TransportationTilbrook

The Stopping-Up of part of the public highway to achieve an enclosed campus with new internal road layout and redevelop parking provision.

Ridge provided a feasibility of the internal and external road network, including assistance with preparing the required Stopping-Up Order and liaison with the local authority.

Ridge reviewed the modelling work for the Tilbrook Roundabout (previously carried out by a third party on behalf of the local highway authority) and prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment pertaining to the proposed re-development, including new parking provisions and new access to the Red Bull campus from the Tilbrook Roundabout.

The assessment also examined the effect of the creation of a private campus, in particular the consequences of stopping-up part of the public highway, in regard to the estimated impact on adjoining businesses.  It was necessary to ensure that adequate public highway access and parking for those premises would be maintained.

The layout of the new entry gates and barriers to ensure adequate access was also developed using auto tracking to assist in design. The proposed redevelopment of the parking area off Tilbrook Roundabout was assessed for the feasibility of the access and connection with the main campus.

Reconfiguration of the existing layout of the access via Bradbourne Drive was assessed and alternate designs proposed to improve capacity and assist the overall layout design.

  • Stopping-up Order

    Liaison With Local Authority

  • Traffic Figures

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