Cladding Remediation Projects – Building Safety Fund

05 February 2021

Ridge has been providing wide ranging support for leaseholders, managing agents and freeholders in connection with cladding remediation projects and the Building Safety Fund. We are currently supporting on the funding and delivery of projects with a value in excess of £100m.

In March 2020 it was announced that the Government will provide £1bn to support the remediation of unsafe non-ACM cladding on high rise residential buildings in the private and social sectors that are over 18 metres tall.

Many buildings throughout the country have undergone External Wall Assessments, which have highlighted concerns with the fire safety of the external wall construction. Ridge has provided expert support in connection with procurement and ongoing project management of the remediation works, a key component of the Building Safety Fund application process.

Ridge can provide expert advice in the support of applications and the delivery of the works via our multidiscipline teams. Our Building Surveyors are undertaking intrusive surveys of cladding systems to aid Fire Engineers in the assessment of the fire safety of cladding. We undertake thousands of Fire Risk Assessments on residential buildings every year; as such we have a good technical understanding of the issues around fire safety and building technology, which we are able to bring to our approach to the procurement and management of cladding remediation projects, proactively challenging solutions and working collaboratively to achieve the best outcome and helping to make buildings safer.

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