Great Hollands Pavilion – Structural EngineeringBracknell

Ridge provided Bracknell Town Council with a multidiscipline design team for the comprehensive redevelopment of Great Hollands Pavilion in Wokingham.

The existing pavilion, built in the 1970’s, provided changing rooms, shop, meetings hall, machinery store and a caretaker’s flat. Since its construction very little maintenance had been carried out on the structure so it was in a poor state and deemed to be no longer fit-for-purpose.

In early 2016 Ridge submitted a successful bid to provide a multidiscipline design and project management team to redevelop the pavilion. The importance of a multidiscipline led approach to the project was key to the Council – and was a strict requirement of the bidding process.

  • 1970's

    Existing pavilion

  • Multidiscipline


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