Britishvolt Cambois Battery Gigaplant Northumberland

Britishvolt have commenced on a project of global importance – to construct and operate the UK’s first Gigaplant at a cost of £2.6 Billion. This will become one of the largest buildings in the UK delivered on an accelerated timeline.

Leadership & Support: Ridge have been proudly supporting Britishvolt since the project’s conception in 2020. During the projects lifetime, the Britishvolt Team has grown through the employment of industry experts, whilst Ridge have remained flexible to support the project team as required. Through this close engagement with the client, Ridge have developed an expert knowledge in Gigaplant requirements.

Revolutionary & Unparalleled: The mass production of lithium-ion batteries is an industry in early and rapid development. Ridge are leading the project team to ensure the team remains on track according to programme, cost and quality, whilst remaining aware of and ready for incoming change.

Complexity: The facility, masterplan and infrastructure networks must be designed and installed to properly serve the production line. The building and production designs are developing in parallel and as such, the design team must remain flexible to ensure the building can serve the process.

First to Market: The plant must be delivered on time to ensure the Britishvolt business plan is achieved. Ridge are managing the master programme to ensure all organisations on the project complete their individual activities in time to enable the overall programme.

Fire: The battery industry and the production techniques within Gigaplant’s are new to the insurance, fire detection and fire protection markets. Ridge is leading the project team to engage with third party experts and develop an agreed and safe fire strategy.

Sustainability, Environmental & Social Governance: Britishvolt is aforward-thinking client with broad business objectives. The project has been aligned to strict and encouragingly aspirational sustainability requirements, which Ridge are leading the project team towards the timely completion of.

Ridge are proud to be providing Programme Management, Project Management, Architecture, Planning Consultancy, Digital Engineering, Health & Safety and Sustainability Leadership services to this revolutionary project.

  • £2billion

    Total project investment

  • 2.5 Years (Phase 1)

    Site enabling to first battery production

  • 3,000

    Direct job opportunities

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