Manufacturing Facility for Jaguar Land Rover Slovakia

Vehicle manufacturing plant in Eastern Europe.

Ridge developed the brief and requirements for the client working closely with the stakeholders to validate the process, operations, logistics and space requirements.  The second stage involved the assessment of the sites proposed against the brief agreed.

Ridge produced space planning and process diagrams for the sites to analyse the suitability and efficiency of land use these were shown in 3D models to allow key decisions to be considered.

Ridge undertook high-level investigations into the local, regional and national traffic and transport infrastructure for three potential sites. The appraisals included existing highway and rail infrastructure together with a strategic review of routes to Baltic ports for product export.

Ridge made recommendations for surveys and provided specifications for surveys required to provide information for the assessment of the site, such a ground condition and contamination.

Ridge carried out assessments of the existing utilities on the site and in the region to assess capacity available, and options to upgrade based on assessment of the loadings developed from the client briefs.

The topography of each site was assessed, and the amount of material movement across the site was also assessed to consider the programme and cost implications.

Analysis and recommendations were presented to the client to highlight the positives and risks associated with the various sites. The client proceeded in accordance with the Ridge recommended site.

  • 300,000sqm


  • 420


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